February 27, 2018

Spring ? Not really.

Hello again, it has been a while but the holidays were a time for me to pull back and collect myself. I feel like we all do that so I'm sure you'll forgive me. Here's something short and sweet.

I am back after a super long January and a slightly crazy February. But I am definitely glad to be making content again. I have the writing bug and I have so much I wanna share. Where I go to school it seems to rain every other day which makes it almost impossible to shoot, there's nothing but rain and wind here ! But don't fret I have plenty of outfits coming. 

As most people impatiently await the arrival of Spring I'm kinda trying to hold on the last drops of Fall/Winter. Since creating my capsule wardrobe I realized I don't really have any "spring clothing" I live in band tee and a long coat.

 I usually just take my Autumn clothing and subtract my large coat. I am not the biggest fan of warm weather, I hate sweating so when Spring is approaching I always dread it cause I know Summer is waiting just around the corner to melt my face.

Here is something I consider a "Spring" outfit. In the colder months (it is still really really cold now) I would wear this; a grey long sleeve, black high waisted trousers and sneakers with a large coat and a big blanket scarf.

Now while I'm pretending it's not 40 degrees, I swapped out both out for my denim jacket and some round mirror sunglasses ( I had to dig my jean jacket out for underneath my bed)  It was freezing cold when I shot these, I live near the water so it was also super windy, but the sun was out and it was bright, which makes for good picture taking.

Moon River - Frank Ocean

- Y.
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