April 27, 2017

Stepping Out

Nightwear, occasion wear, party attire, clubwear no matter what you call it, getting all dressed up and going out can be difficult if you aren’t comfortable with your body, but like everything else don’t let that hold you back. 
I have always loved getting dressed up and majority of the time I feel like I’m overdressed for everyday situations. Like 9 am classes, I am probably more likely to show up in trousers and a loose fitted button up rather than a top knot and sweatpants. Not to say there is anything wrong with that it just hasn’t been me for a longtime. If you’ve read my last blogpost you would know that I didn’t start wearing sneakers until very very recently. 

 Here's a few tips for feeling good and confident when stepping out. 
Black is our friend
  • I don't know a single person who doesn't look good in black, from the palest to the darkest, black makes everyone look chic and sexy. 

Bring in the waist
  • No, not death trap waist trainers or corsets, but something as simple as a dress that comes in at the waist or a wrapped bodysuit like I wore for Friday's look. Having your clothing come in even slightly at your natural waist makes even the most box body types look good. 

The C in Chic is for comfort
  • Now this doesn't mean sweats and sneakers to a wedding or bridal shower, but clothing that you feel comfortable in, if it squeezes you, and you can't breathe and move I don't care how good it looks take it off. I like to instill the 'Pop, Lock it, Drop it' test. If I can't do the  'Pop, Lock it, Drop it' in whatever I'm wearing, then I'm not wearing it. 
So this past weekend was my close friend's 21st birthday, since we go to school in a pretty suburban area where everything closes at 9pm, I decided to plan a girls weekend away to NYC.

Friday 24th – We left campus around 1:30pm and made the 1 and half hour trip into our AirBnB in Brooklyn. I had made reservation to have dinner at BANN a Korean restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen.  We had Korean BBQ and the experience was great but the service and the food left much to be desired. I wouldn’t exactly recommend BANN for the Korean BBQ experience, maybe just for dinner and drinks with friends.
After we ate we walked about 3 blocks and just stopped into the 1st bar we could find. The drinks were cheap but the music was TERRIBLE not that anyone was there for it, it was more of a big screen TV and whatever game was on kind of spot. We left after about an hour, and made our way to a Latin bar name Social. The drinks here were amazing and the music was good too, it was a much bigger space with seating and strong drinks.

Saturday 25th – My bestest friend’s birthday, after nursing her hangover, with pancakes and breakfast meat. We made our way to dinner at Injera, in Greenwich Village a small cozy Ethiopian restaurant. The food was amazing and we only had one or two drinks with dinner, but those were also good. Then we made our way to Karaoke Boho. Guys just don’t. This dark, loud, dank hole in a wall (in a very very bad way) wasn’t worth the 8 bucks and hour for “private room” Karaoke. I had made reservation, for 5 even though two of my friends flopped on us. They put the three of us in probably the world’s tiniest broom closet of a room, we barely stayed for 2 hours. The drinks were watered down and the service wasn’t much better. For our 1st karaoke experience we were all very disappointed.

Sunday 26th – BRUNCH ! Brunch at Sofrito in Harlem made up for any mishaps the entire trip. The brunch itself is kind of secret you have to really dig deep on their website to find it but it’s definitely worth it. For a flat price of $34.95 there was amazing food and complimentary Mimosas and Sangria that just kept flowing. One of the major highlights of the trip. Sofrito was packed for good reason, great food, amazing drink, and good service is what keeps families, couples and friends coming back. I recommend you go there ASAP.

Black jumpsuit (similar original sold out)
Mesh bodysuit
PJ Blouse (in black)
Black trousers 
Wide leg striped trousers

After an amazing meal and loads of wonderful memories we made our way back to campus to recover in our respective dorms. If you check out any of the places above, you should definitely send me pictures on Instagram and tell me what you thought. 

April 24, 2017

Lets talk about Sneakers

Lets talk about Sneakers
Welcome to my first ever blog post ! Hope you enjoy.  Sneakers, kicks, feets, flights, shoes, fits, trainers. Whatever it is that you ca...
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