November 12, 2020

Fashion Week at Home - Day 3

Hello again ! 

What can I even say about how much I love this outfit? This is another one I pictured in my head before ever putting it on. And it came out absolutely Amazing. I literally wore it to work to keep warm (I HAVE A JOB AGAIN ! GLORY TO HANUMAN), after wearing it, I was like 'wait this is far too nice to be dirty, I have to shoot it'. So I did. I personally live for an all-black look, and this is a prime example of why I will always ride for it.  People ask me, 'I'm going to X or Y event I have no idea what to wear' I usually tell them to pull together an all-black something or other, it will work without fail. 

Each piece of this outfit, by itself, is amazing. Once upon a time when these jeans fit me perfectly (I've lost weight this quarantine, let's not even talk about it) the waist sat perfectly, they still sit perfectly above the Docs though, which also are the perfect fit and shape, and the turtleneck (thrifted) is super soft and warm. All super simple pieces and when put all together they give off the vibe. If I could be a feeling I would be the energy this outfit gives off. I just stand taller in an all-black I don't know, there's just something about them. They don't need much by way of accessories, they tend to speak and stand on their own. But I am a sucker for a crispy white sock with this outfit. 

We have switched the order for this one, bby life update after all the fashion talk. I got a job! Yes, after months of being unemployed and miserable, I work in Urban Ag again. I'm glad I get to what I love and greatly enjoy again and what I am (if I do say so myself, and I DO say so myself) really good at. Even though I have a job now I haven't forgotten I promised you all-new content, be on the lookout for that. Ya girl has got her mojo (and motivation for like, things) back ! 

x Y 
No Justice No Peace - Stay Safe 

A super super-comprehensive list of ways to get involved: here 

California Wildfires Fund: here

Breonna Taylor: here

Black Trans Lives Matter: here and Trans Lives Matter

FreeThemAll2020 bail fund (bail funds are incredibly important during these times, folx who are arrested at protests don't have access to PPE while in lock-up): here

This is a link of bail funds by state and city: here

Don't know which bail fun to donate to? No problem, this will split your donation between a bunch of them: here

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