June 25, 2018


Hello hello ! 

Today as I am writing this it is the Summer Solstice in North America. If you aren’t familiar that’s that longest day of the year. Today the sun is supposed to set at 9:02 PM! For some reason days like today make me feel super happy, and positive. Which is strange cause I’m not the biggest fan of sunny ass days. I like a little bit of cloud cover so I can actually see where I am going. I'm weird, when I'm inside on a sunny day I'm like "it's so pretty outside I wanna go out" then I get out and I'm like "uh it's too bright" I woke up at 10 this morning and the plan is to go to a lighthouse nearby with a friend, I’ve never seen a lighthouse in person before and I don’t really get the whole “visiting a lighthouse” thing but I am always down to go on a walk. 

My last blog post was all about trying to recapture drive and inspiration, so this day I took a very very very long walk and it totally worked for me. I was drained and dead tired by the time I got back but I also felt charged and alive. Getting that complete change of perspective and sitting and watching boats go by and birds soar and dip really helped clear my mind and calm me down. The sun was out for a ridiculously long time and it's almost like it burned all the fog right outta my head. I really needed that today. And I took some amazing pictures, which is why all of you are here !

The shirt dress I am wearing here is actually a bathing suit cover-up from Target. The plus size selection at the target near me in Brooklyn is terrible. They only had this item in a 4X so I got it, and it is way too big for me so I wear it as a dress and as a cover-up. I wore it this day with a jersey pencil skirt from ASOS (it used to be midi length) I pull the skirt up pretty high and only button 3 buttons on the dress. I love how the skirt and the dress end at the same point. And I don't mind that you can see my stomach when I walk or when the wind catches the dress. I knew I was going to be walking for a while and walking over rocks and other craziness, so I tossed on my well-loved (battered) Nikes. The sun was out and shining bright, so I popped on my purple ASOS sunglasses, these are huge, and I love the way the purple looks with my bright yellow bag. 

Speaking of this bag it was also in my last blog post, but I didn’t wax poetically about it as much as I wanted to. When I saw it online I thought it was going to me like a tiny purse-like bag, then it came, and it much much bigger. I have fit a tripod, my phone, makeup, a big ass water bottle, my laptop charger, two phone chargers, snacks, and an afro pick. And there was still room. I really like the shape of this bag because unlike other bucket bags that look like Bao buns this one looks like an actual bucket. The straps are long and thick, I like to hold it in my hand and wear it over my shoulder also. The color is WAY outside of my comfort zone, and this summer I wanna try things like that. I have to say this bag was a great purchase and I can see myself wearing it a lot this summer so get used to seeing it.

If you live in North America tell me how you spent the Summer Solstice (or Winter Solstice if you live in the Southern Hemisphere ? Did you hide away from the sun and enjoy the shade or were you one of the many out at the beach ? And if you didn't do anything, leave me anything you know about lighthouses, cause the one I went to was rather underwhelming.
Also if you know what I am referencing in the title I probably am already in love with you so leave me a comment ! 


Shirt dress - old similar here, here and here
Midi skirt - old similar here
Roshes - no link for them they are called NIKE Roshe One Hyperfuse
Bucket Bag - here and similar here
Purple sunglasses - super duper old similar here and here 

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June 22, 2018

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June 11, 2018

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