April 24, 2017

Lets talk about Sneakers

Welcome to my first ever blog post ! Hope you enjoy. 

Sneakers, kicks, feets, flights, shoes, fits, trainers. Whatever it is that you call them before this past year I would not be caught dead in them. Being 6′ tall and wearing a 11.5 US shoe size, put me off of wearing sneakers (I felt like everyone would always think I was perpetually headed to basketball practice or something) However, with sneakers and sportswear, in general, being the trend of the spring and summer I thought I would see how I could mesh it into my style.

Cardigan: ASOS Trousers: ASOS Sneakers: Vans

So, of course, I went out and bought three pairs of sneakers all at once. 
My wardrobe like many people is mostly made up of grey and black clothing, so when sneaker shopping I went looking for things that will fit it ( if I was gonna spend 100+ dollars on a shoe I should have the option of wearing it with anything I can pull outta my closet) 
NIKE Roshe One Hyperfuse (could not find a link, sorry) 
I checked online and then I went into sneaker stores to see where I could get the best deal, the Huaraches and the Vans I ended up getting in store and I bought the Roshes online at the Nike website (because not a store in my area had them in stock). They all fit true to size the Vans I had to break in a little bit, but that’s probably because I bought them in women’s instead of in men’s. 
If you like me, are taller than most women and/or are plus size, please please please please do not be afraid to wear whatever it is that you want, be it shoes or dresses or a top hat and a cane. Just put it on and feel what you already are beautiful and amazing. 

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