August 21, 2022

I can't stop wearing this dress

 *walks in late and with a breakfast sandwich* How yall been ? 

There is truly something about this dress. When I saw it on the model on ASOS I was like 'uh I think my chest is too big for that, but it's on sale and so cute what's the harm?" Famous last words, I want this dress in every color that exists to the human eye and maybe even colors that only mantis shrimp can see. (Imagine this dress in yellow!!!!!!!!) It arrived in one of the first ASOS orders I've made in a while and it was even longer and flowy-er than I could have ever guessed.  

I wore this out on one of the hottest days (a crisp awful 102 degrees) and I was slightly worried about boob sweat but this dress is so flowy literally I felt like I was wearing nothing at all. It didn't stick at all to my skin, there were no worries about sweat anywhere. Just breezes everywhere. The length of this dress meant I could sit however I wanted in an effort to cool off even more. I wore it with a little farming hat to keep the sun and the haters off my face. I loved that outfit. Tying the back higher or lower changes where the straps sit and the feel of the dress, I plan to wear this on any date I am next invited to with the back tied super low, for more of a sexy, summery feel. 

My back and arms have always been a part of my body I've been self-conscious about, as many large-bodied people can probably relate to. But I have found the hotter (by hot I mean absolutely boiling and terrible) the weather is outside I Literally Do Not Care. The idea of wrestling my sweaty body into clothing have it heavy is absolutely insane and I refuse. That along with the realization that if anyone is worried about me and what I am wearing in this heat then they are truly unhinged and I am jealous of their mental capacity. I can barely string a sentence together in this heat. 

It's not even just the dress, these Sandals ! Yall give these sandals their flowers. They are truly everything. I got them to wear a very specific outfit, only to put them on with everything and fall in love with them again. Truly I can wear these with anything, shorts, long or short dresses. These are my first pair of flatforms so it took some getting used to but honestly, they are comfortable once I loosened and broke them in,  I will probably talk more about these sandals at length but I really can't keep them off my feet. All in all, I couldn't be happier with this outfit. 

x Y 

Dress: here 

Sandals: here

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