June 22, 2018

Searching for that Spark again...

Hello again !

It seems like when the weather changes inspiration can come and go. I am sorely lacking inspiration right now. I feel like it’s coming from so many changes happening in my life in such a short time, it's throwing off my mojo. I've moved all of my stuff twice now and I am also like many recent graduates I am in the process of job hunting. * dun dun dun *

So, with in between all the job interviews (like I average about 3 a week these days) and the unpacking and repacking, I am struggling to write, and I am struggling to feel inspiration with my outfits.  So, what do I do when I'm feeling uninspired? Let's go in order, shall we? 

Deep Breathe

It sounds like BS but seriously. When I am feeling stagnate or like I can’t get anything done, whether it’s because I cannot focus, or I feel like my brain is all over the place I completely stop and I sit down and take deep, slow breathes till I feel like the floor isn't disappearing underneath me. I have sat on the ground in public, in the shower, in the middle of a hallway, I used to feel ashamed when I had to try and center myself in public, but its either that or have a full-blown panic attack.

Get a Change of Perspective

Sometimes if you’ve been sitting at a desk for hours or in a classroom or wherever you are, it does some good to leave and go to a completely different environment. So, if I’ve been in my dorm studying all day long, I get up and I leave. Just leave. Go for a walk, so sit somewhere else, go people watch in a park, walk to the bathroom, and bust a quick twerk in the stall. As close as you can get to different from where you are, go there. If you work from home, then hop in the shower or run a bath and pretend that your bathroom is nowhere near your office space and zone out.


When I look into my closet and it all looks like dead fish, I get rid of things I’m not wearing or I’m holding on to for dumb reason and I toss it. Goodbye. Gone. Peace Out. I clean out and clear out and I usually feel much lighter and like things don’t seem as hard. Clean out your bags, clean off your desk, do a load of laundry if you have too. Try clearing your space in the hope that your mind takes notes. 

Remember why you’re here

What’s the reason you do what you do? Whether it's art, or a job or writing or yodeling whatever it is that you’re lacking drive to do anymore remind yourself why it is that you do it in the first place. If it’s not something you’re passionate about then, is it an ends to a means, are you working at this job to make money so you can live the life you wanna live then that’s a good enough reason. There has to be a purpose to what is it you’re doing or you’ll never have the will to do it. Not everyone has the luxury of having a job that they love that also makes them enough money to live. That's just the terrible world we live in. But things wont always be this way and for now remind yourself of what you're end goal is, what you are hoping to get. 

 For me I like to write. I actually enjoy it even when it feels like I’m pulling teeth and everything I put down makes no sense, I still like it. I also like fashion, I like getting dressed and putting outfits together, taking pictures of myself is the only competent of blogging that I’m learning to love. These are the reasons I started my blog, so when I can’t find words to write or standing in front of a camera is making my skin crawl, I remind myself of these reasons.
Blogging has also become kind of a way to chronicle my life. The clothes I wear and the places I go, how I am feeling in a certain moment in time. My hope is that my blog is full of moments in my life that I don’t ever want to forget. These moments I share with all of you. 

- Y

Yellow bucket bag - here and similar here
Tie up braided sandals - these also come in black I got those too, here and here
Metal cat eye sunglasses - here
Abstract face earrings - here
Dress - (thrifted sorry) 

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  1. I needed this advice for my life today :) I love you girl! You’re the best with that fancy dress of yours.


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