June 11, 2018

I love these shoes

Hello !

Now we have all had those items, be it a phone or a computer, a pair of shoes or a bag, or a house (well not if you're a millennial, no house just avocado) that we umm and ahh over and we online stalk or even go into stores and brush our hands against (that last one might just be me) but anyway, we want these items and something stops us from getting them. Well, that was me with these red checkered Vans. 

I already own a pair of black Vans SK8-Hii and I've had them for about two-ish years, I love them. With Vans the sky is the limit when it comes to style and prints you can get them in.  They look great with jeans and trousers and even skirts in the summer. I wasn't even in the market for a new pair of sneakers, but I was realizing that I owned only black, white and grey sneakers, I found myself bored with my footwear. They went with everything however, I didn't feel like they were making my outfits POP. These are also featured in my Summer 2018 Goals blog post, but this post is all about them.

On top of feeling kinda bored and lacking with what I already had, I'm not even going to lie, I saw these on Lizzy Hadfield (my favorite blogger and YouTuber of life) and I started drooling. I had to have them. Lizzy, bless her soul lives in England and I hadn't seen anyone with these sneakers. The while that it took me to buy them was me trying to actually find the damn things. It took quite a bit of searching and then I finally found them and ordered them and when they finally came they were everything I was hoping for.

I love how they look with super tailored pants and a blazer. I've pretty much worn this with everything I own, short of skirts and dresses (cause I don't really own any, I'm looking to change that) They also look amazing with light wash denim. (I'm thinking a lighter washed denim skirt maybe) These babies are super comfortable like Vans usually are and I got them in a US 10 in men.

I am currently working in an office over the summer and we don’t really have an actual dress code, but I try and not break regular 9-5 work rules when it comes to the stuff I wear to work. On this day, I decided to shoot straight after leaving the office. (I also shot all of these photos by myself ! I plan on doing a blog post about self-portrait shooting when I am better at it) On this day I threw on what is practically a uniform of mine, trousers and a band tee. I've worn this exact same outfit in the fall with a coat and a scarf on, for the summer I just peeled those layers off, and I still love this outfit for what these Vans bring to it. 

Tell me about something you lusted after, did you end up getting it? If you did or didn't do you regret your decision?  I can 100% say I have no regrets with these. 


- Y

Red Checked Vans - here and here
Black high waist trousers - sold out but here are similar
1975 Tee - Old 
Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses - here

Mood: Give Yourself A Try - The 1975


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