October 01, 2018

Missed me ?

Hello again !

It has been a while but life has been kinda crazy as of late. It is officially Fall and I am awaiting the actual cold weather because it has definitely been 80 for like three days. The rain is a-falling and it doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon, which I am fine with. My last blog post was all the way back in July, so here is a catch-up post for the both of us.

I got a job ! 

I am currently working full time for a local non-profit. I've been here about a month or so and I love it so far. I'm learning a lot almost every single day, the work is engaging and really fulfilling. I'm being challenged and learning where my merits lie. I'm getting used to working with a team and having board meetings and all that, but I'm enjoying it a lot. I feel super lucky to even have a job so soon after graduating let alone a job I actually like. 

Apartment living

I no longer live in a dorm ! *cue cheering* Yes, I a payer of rent now, which feels crazy and a little bit depressing cause you have pay that shit every month. But having my own space and an entire kitchen and an OVEN. I've been a like a baking machine ! Mostly cookies (my coworkers are very happy with me) but I was thinking of trying a cake or a cheesecake next. Stay tuned.

The outfit

I don't work in an office in a traditional sense, there isn't a real dress code at all. We are a non-profit and we work for environmental causes so most of the time I'm not even in the office. It's a bit of drastic shift for me cause I used to dress business casual to my classes in college and now I spend most of my week in hiking boots and covered in dirt. 

When I do get a chance whether it's my day off or I don't have to be out in the field I like to get dressed. I'm wearing my distressed mom jeans, pointed sock boots; both from ASOS and my new thrifted polka dot button up. On my way out I grabbed my new green faux leather purse, also from ASOS to finish off the look. I love this outfit, it's super comfy and perfect for the weather we've been having.
I've had the jeans and the boots for a while now, but the top and the bag are brand new. I was drawn to the bag a lot because of the color. I feel like with a neutral outfit like this one the bag adds a lot. Given that I mostly stick to black and grey for the bases of most of my outfits accessories like this one are really good to switch things up. I'll be doing an updated Autumn/Winter capsule wardrobe post soon. 

Yes, I am officially back. Now that I have a better grasp of what my work week looks like I'll be posting more often. I missed blogging and with moving and starting work I just haven't had the time. I hope you all understand. 

- Y

Purse - here 
Jeans - sold out similar here
Boots- sold out similar here 
Top- thrifed 

Mood: Nina Cried Power - Hoizer 
(who else is absolutely LIVING for Hoizer's new EP ???) 


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