July 23, 2018


Hello !

So if you didn't know already I am a huge music lover. I am also kind of a music snob, I won't lie I do judge people by what kind of music they like and listen to. Yes, I do. It's just I feel like music says a lot about your personality, your likes, and dislikes, what you think about the world in a very vague general sense. There isn't really a season where I listen to more music or a specific genre. I have been listening to 80's pop for as long as I can remember, I love Rock and Alternative Rock music, I'm an Indie fan. I loathe Country music and I love 90's Rap and Hip Hop and early 00's R&B.

Anyone who knows me knows that at any time I could be very well blasting hits from the past as loud as I can get them to drown out almost anything that's on the radio right now. Now don't get me wrong if it has come out in recent years doesn't mean its trash. My favorite band of all time is The 1975 and they are pretty new. I don't like music from before my time just so I can say I like old, obscure shit. That's boring. I personally blame my mother, she would only listen to 80s pop while she was pregnant with me and thus I am obsessed with Prince, Micheal Jackson, Phil Collins, Billy Joel, UB40, The Rolling Stones, 4 Non Blondes and many others. But at the same time, I am a huge fan of Adele, Solange, Sam Smith, Demi Lavato, Kehlani, Lorde, Hoizer, Frank Ocean, Janelle Monae, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and of course the hardest working women in the business BeyoncĂ©. I like talent.

Creating music is making art and that requires skill, drive, and passion. I need to be able to feel that in what you create. If I don't get chills and goosebumps I'm not tryna bump it. If a song is just catchy and that's it why bother, the sound of my popping my lips over and over will catch on but it can also drive someone slowly out of their mind. Catchy songs are like conventionally pretty people with no sense of humor; a waste of time.  I'm a not a fan of EDM or techno, I leave all of that to my brother (shoutout to Yoni)

Now I'm not bashing anyone who likes any of the music I mentioned not being into it's just not for me, and if I hear it I'll probably leave but that doesn't mean you can enjoy it. Just go over there and do it. (lol jk)

Music is one of those things in the world that divide us and also unify us as humans. There is no place you won't find music on this planet, no place and no people who don't listen to it. Its everywhere constantly all around us and we get to pick and choose exactly what we listen to. Music has gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life, I will forever be grateful. Songs have the capability to make you feel like you aren't alone it whatever it is that you're going through. You could be experiencing the happiest moment or the most tragic and you can feel like someone gets that feeling, someone else has felt it before. 

Well now is obviously the time where you tell me what song or songs drives absolutely up a wall and makes you wanna put things in your ear that aren't meant to be there.  I have several and we don't have enough time to devel into all of that. There's a lot to unpack there. Hope everyone has an amazing week and when they put their playlists on shuffle all the songs they wanna hear come on.
Hope no one was offended if I wasn't a fan of the kind of music that they like. 

- Y

Mood: LOVE FT ZACARI - Kendrick Lamar

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