January 03, 2019

NYC ---> LDN

Hello and Happy New Year everyone ! ! ! !

I AM GOING TO LONDON ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Yes, that number of exclamation points is warranted. I have always dreamed of visiting Great Britain and I am finally doing it. (in honesty my ultimate goal is to someday move into a pokey little flat in Manchester but let's start with a visit.) To say the least I'm excited. This will be my second time on a plane and my first time traveling alone, so you know I'm asking everyone for solo travel tips. 

I'm going to be in London for 5 days and I am praying I don't get hit with jet lag cause I will lose my life. I plan on going to see a movie alone and I got tickets to see my favorite band. I'm very excited. I feel like being able to do things you love by yourself is very important. I've never gone to dinner alone, or to a movie and I intend to do all of these things while I'm away. 

In the past, I've opted out of doing things because I couldn't find anyone that could do them with me. This trip is kinda the pinnacle of that. I've wanted and planned to go to Europe for a really really long time with other people and plans have always fallen through. So this time I saw tickets in my price range and before I knew what had happened I had booked myself a flight. (It was definitely 3 am when I booked them) And now my trip of a lifetime is about 2 weeks away. Yes, it will be bitterly cold while I'm there but I love winter weather so I'm PUMPED. (famous last words?) 

So I guess this post is a bit about independence. I have cultivated some of the best friendships I have ever had in the past few years, I love my friends with all my heart but I greatly value my time alone and my space as a person (this isn't to say that I don't feel lonely from time to time) But for some reason, going out on my own is something I struggle with. I can function, like food shopping and running errands are perfectly fine but a meal or a show I'll skip if I don't have someone to go with.  I feel like due to the fact that I am a pretty big homebody, going out itself is out of my comfort zone so doing it by myself has been a step too far. 

I don't make New Years Resolutions, I personally feel like the year doesn't have to change for you to change your behavior or lifestyle. But at the end of last year, I made a promise to myself to start doing more things I wanna do alone. I feel like a major step in being comfortable with myself, was being okay being alone, and now I need to be okay being alone in a crowd of people. 

- Y 

Outfit: Everything is super old and from ASOS but the vans. Sorry ! 


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