January 08, 2019

Year 23

One time for the birthday bissh !

So, I turned 23 this weekend and it was great ! I usually attempt to make a whole big thing out of my birthday but given that its right after the holidays that hasn't ever really panned out well. This year I honestly forgot it was happening. I have spent all of my time working or getting ready for my trip to London that I didn't remember my birthday until like a week before ! 

My good friend spent the week before asking me over and over 'what did I want to do' and I just kept saying, 'I'll think of something' (meanwhile it wasn't even on my mind, didn't have an outfit or anything planned) Friday came and I had texted out the itinerary. Kaila had come down and was going to stay the weekend with me and I had already booked myself in for a Yoga class on the morning of my birthday so I decided to make that the 1st event of the day. So my friends and I all did a Yoga class together. And it was great ! 

I have a birthday tradition dating back to when I was in my preteens and that is to get dressed up in something nice and watch my favorite movies and listen to my favorite songs.  I've done it every year and in recent years I've tried to like plan a night out to go for dinner but those plans haven't worked out and without fail I always watch my 3-4 favorite films and blast all the music that I love. This year my best friend was kind enough to allow me to subject her to movies I have already seen 300 million times. (shoutout to Kaila for being a good sport) Then four lovely ladies and I went out and had some delicious Ethiopian food (this was my 3rd time have Ethiopian food and it just gets better and better)  and I rounded the night out by getting very very drunk in the comfort and safety of my own kitchen while blasting music and dancing around with my best friend. Anddddddd it was great ! 
(the following photos were taken before I got drunk :) )

Now to look back. I feel like I'm in a good place. The issue with my birthday is that it is so soon after the new year that whatever sparkles of optimism get washed off from NYE are usually still left over by my bday. But even before the new year, I was feeling in a really good place. I don't know how the next year will play out but I know that there are things I want to do and things I have learned and still am willing to learn about myself.  I've been loving my body and being good to it, and I will continue to do, I am confident in myself and even when I am unsure I trust myself to make mistakes and keep going. I'm young. I have time, and I won't forget that this year.

- Y 

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