February 06, 2019

London PT. 2

Hello !

This is another installment of posts about my time in London ! My trip was everything I could have hoped for I just wish it was longer. As mentioned in my last post I stayed in Kensington and spent a lot of time there and in Notting Hill. I made one amazing visit to Brick Lane and Shoreditch !
I did a lot of walking and taking the train while I was in London and it was great. I got lucky and the weather wasn't super cold while I was there and it didn't even rain.

This is my first time traveling since creating my capsule wardrobe and I was wondering if it would make the process easier. It Sure DID ! I already knew what outfits I wanted to wear while I was away and I had added a few new pieces to my wardrobe, staples that I didn't have and felt like I needed. Plain basic t-shirts, a black turtleneck, wide leg trousers, a thick cardigan, and patterned skirt, and then from there I picked out my outfits and planned what I was going to wear for each day and took some extra pieces to swap in and out for in case the weather took a turn.

This outfit is a new fav ! (I have already worn it again to a friend's bday dinner) I paired a very trusted grey turtleneck with these black wide-leg tie waist trousers and my black pointed sock boots. I wore a thin undershirt under the turtleneck and tossed some leggings on under the pants to protect me from the wind and I was set. I wore my hair in a low ponytail and slapped on some thin hoops to complete the look. I like how slim and fitted the turtleneck is and how it contrasts the pants that billow and flow as a walk. I love grey and black together (practically my entire wardrobe) so this outfit was a hit for me.  It was comfortable as hell and made me feel chic and elegant. 

A lot of my fashion inspiration comes from London. I used to lust and drool over London Fashion Week photos, so coming to London was a dream come true. Almost all of my favorite bloggers and YouTubers are from England if not from London itself. I had a recommendation list almost as long as my arm of places to eat, see and to shop. I visited Buckingham Palace and walked from there to Big Ben and the London Eye, I walked around Westminster for a while and just took in the parks and all of the architecture. I'm a sucker for a gorgeous building. And taking into account how old some of the buildings in London are, London did not disappoint in the slightest. 

 There only one more post left from my London trip and I'm mourning leaving all over again ! This trip was amazing, and not just because I got to chill out and relax, it gave me a boost of confidence and made me feel competent. What's an outfit that makes you feel confident and Boss? It could be just jeans and a tee shirt or a unitard and some glitter pants ! Leave me a comment, and let me know. 

Photography Credit to the amazing Shweta again ! 
- Y

Grey turtleneck - super old similar here
Black wide leg trousers - here
Sock boots - sold out similar here
Biker coat - here and here

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