February 19, 2019

London PT. 3

Hello again !

Welcome to the last London blog post ! I miss London every day and it feels like it's been forever since I've been there. But alas here we are at my final blog post, now this doesn't mean I am ever going to stop talking about London but I have new adventures to go on. (I'm going to Baltimore in like 2 weeks !)

 I shot these at Somerset House in London, with the amazing Shweta yet again. Today's post is a bit of introspection on fashion week. I am no longer a supporter of any fashion weeks in general. But it was still high on my list of places to visit while in London and I had a great time there.
Somerset House is for all intents and purposes is an art gallery. The courtyard and the streets surrounding it, however, have been the site for countless Fashion Week street style photos. I like many other lovers of Fashion have drooled over these photos, dreaming about one day seeing a snap of myself just casually strolling down a street.
But the longer I looked and looked the less did I see anyone who looked like me. Fashion Week isn't a plus size space. Street Style photography isn't a plus size space. You don't see plus-size models or plus size brands at fashion week. They aren't plastered all over Vogue or Elle or any major fashion publication. You don't see designer brands making plus size clothing. Fashion isn't inclusive of fat/plus size, non-cisgendered, and people of color and neither is Fashion Week.

I feel like the tide is turning. This New York Fashion Week has featured size inclusive brands, and in London plus size influencers were featured in viral street style photos. These are small and Well overdue steps but steps in the right direction none the less. While some designer brands (eg, Gucci, Burberry) seem to be taking steps further and further into the past, real fashion is moving forward.

A short break from my rant to talk about the outfit. I'm wearing my fav black turtleneck and a new leopard print skirt I got from ASOS, being honest this skirt was a headache and a half. It's the perfect length when I am standing perfectly still but once I move or breath it rides ALL the way up. I have since returned this one and purchased a longer darker one that works much better for me. I did love how this one looked when I wasn't moving, or breathing too deeply. 

People need to wake up. All people don't look the same, and most people aren't thin, white, and gender conforming. Style is supposed to be all about self-expression and creating something out of nothing. It's about the spin you, yourself can put on something that no one else can. At least that's what it means to me. You don't have to dress way outside of the box, you just need to be yourself and be comfortable. If that's the story being told, why do we only ever see the same people everywhere? (If I never have to look at another photo of Bella Hadid it will be too soon!)  I have faith that this more real version of street style will pick up, I think 2019 is the year we see more and more real bodies in fashion. 

Leave me places to visit in Baltimore and DC ! I'm going to be away for 6 days so I need lots of places to visit and eat !

- Y

Black turtleneck -here
Leopard print skirt - new much better one here and old one here 
Sock Boots - sold out similar here
Coat - here and here

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Here's a picture of me being photobombed by the world's most stubborn pigeon !


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