March 20, 2019

My boss keeps calling it a time capsule.....

Hello !

Here is my capsule wardrobe update along with pictures I took during my trip to Baltimore and DC !
I started my capsule wardrobe about two years ago now, and I am still loving it. I began this journey because climate change and sustainability are things that matter greatly to me. They have always but now more than ever. I wanted to find a way even a small way to lower my negative impact on the earth. While in college I realized that I owned and bought a bunch of clothes that I wasn't wearing and also were made out of really shitty materials. (that was probably part of the reason I didn't wear them) and that I was buying items in mass and they were sitting around. I did a massive purge of my entire wardrobe and then ended up with 40 items. While still in school this worked perfectly for me, I liked what I liked and tended to wear similar things over and over. I am still very much like that.

One of the hallmark claims of having a capsule wardrobe is that it makes packing and getting ready much easier if done right all of the pieces in your wardrobe should be able to mix and match. In January of this year, I spent about a week in London. It was my first trip aboard and my first solo trip ever. I was already freaking out enough, but luckily for me picking outfits was made easy because of all of the clothes in my wardrobe went together in some way. I just made updates with pieces I had been wanting to buy and I was all set. When it came time to pack for Baltimore, I was ready. I looked around for some outfit inspo and them was able to create those outfits with pieces I already owned and love. Packing was a dream (that's a lie I hate the actual act of packing, but choosing my outfits was easy) 

I don't really rotate my capsule wardrobe by season, cause my summer clothes to consist of wearing the least amount of fabric touching my skin as possible. Eg, billowing maxi and shirt dresses. In the Spring I usually wear my Fall wardrobe minus the layers, I might wear a bit more color but more than likely not (that might change this season), show a bit more ankle (I'm a big fan of cropped trousers, and have been even getting into culottes). I have realized that pieces from my original capsule wardrobe are worn and are now in need of replacing, these are pieces that I have had for years and made a place in my wardrobe so, now I am going through the process of replacing those pieces and recycling them. I have also separated my workwear from my regular wardrobe, I work for a nonprofit so my office is much laxer in wardrobe, so I save those pieces for conferences and large work events.
My current capsule wardrobe breakdown looks a bit like this: 

3 coats
1 jean jacket - needs replacing, I've had it for 4 years now
6 basic tees - 2 black, 2 white, 2 grey 
2 hoodies
3 turtlenecks
2 pairs of wide leg pants
3 pairs of trousers - 2 pairs need replacing
2 pairs of jeans
4 pairs of heeled two strap sandals
5 pairs of sneakers - 2 are destroyed and have been replaced 
1 pair of loafers - needs replacing
4 knits - 2 chunky

 I live in the North East still so it doesn't get to be truly Spring here so I don't ever really put away my sweaters and knits.  I'm coming to a point where things are worn and have lived their lives and I am in need of replacing them. My shoes are probably the most worn out items. 

Comparing this update to the first capsule wardrobe I made, it's definitely different. My style hasn't changed much but I have found new pieces that I enjoy wearing and new styles I want to make space for in my wardrobe eg. wide leg pants, sneakers. I've taken out skirts and blazers, now that isn't to say I don't wear them they just aren't constantly rotating items. I'll pull out a skirt for a special occasion dinner but it'll probably be the same skirt, and I usually don't wear it during the week. My style has changed a bit because my lifestyle has changed. Working fulltime as opposed to being a student, living on my own as opposed to living in a dorm on campus. All of these things have affected my confidence which in turn has changed my style. For the better, I believe. 

With the Marie Kondo special on Netflix, have you given your wardrobe a look over to see if the pieces still 'spark joy'? 

- Y

Mood: No Plan - Hozier 

This sparks HELLA joy............

Yes, that's me and Hozier. Seen him live. Seeing him live again in Nov. That tells you a bit about how good my trip was ! ! ! !



  1. So you're really gonna just casually end this with a photo of you and Andrew all coupled up? My chest hurts. You're making me want to recycle a lot more clothes I have been dreading to go through! Loved this.

    1. AHHH I had to do it to em !!! I would suggest going section by section, like start with an item you don't have a lot of in your wardrobe and it'll seem less tasking that way.


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