January 15, 2020

No Sleep Till....

B R O O K L Y N !

I am back with another blog post, life has been absolutely insane but I am realizing that it will continue to be for a while, so I should just keep and shooting and writing when I can and not wait for some magical moment where I have tons of free time.  I have moved back to Brooklyn ! I mentioned in my last post that I was moving, I got a new job ! (yay for employment I guess) There's been lots of changes and adjustments for me in a short period of time. I work with an entirely new team but in a city that I have loved and has nurtured me my whole life. I have missed Brooklyn more than I can put into words. Being around my community, being surrounded by people of color (a major reason why I left Connecticut) is a feeling I struggle to describe. I am super happy to be back in my city. So now on to the outfit ! 

I really fucking love this outfit ! These pants are called a 'Dad Relaxed' fit and I feel like a hella bougie and carefree Papi. I bought these pants for my birthday cause my wardrobe was lacking more stiff denim pants. The cut and the fit are what really drew me to them. I wanted something long and oversized to the point of unflattering, these are perfect for that. Like everything in my wardrobe I dress this up and I dress is all the way down and wear to work where I get covered in algae and other gross things. I wore it out to happy hour with my co-workers with my mesh bodysuit, a bra, and my Doc Martens.

For my birthday this year, I gifted myself with a new pair of Docs ! I got my first pair exactly 10 years ago when I was a delicate 14-year-old.( all I wore at that age was, my brother's like 3XL t-shirts, skinny jeans, and those Docs, twas a look) That pair I have since absolutely destroyed, but they still hold a very dear place in my heart.  My new Docs, are a Chelsea boot style and have a griped sole which I think adds to the edge of the look. They didn't need any breaking in at all and are super warm and comfy. I got them in a Men's size 10 and they fit perfectly. I am super obsessed, I technically bought them for work but I wear them all the time. 

On the day I shot these, it was an unseasonable 60 degrees out so I was perfectly fine in just my tie-waist blazer in this outfit. I decided for my 1st blog post of 2020 I wanted to commiserate the fact that I am back in the city that I love by shooting in a super iconic location in Brooklyn; the Manhattan Bridge. As expected it was full of tourists and people clamoring to get that perfect shot in the middle of the street with the beautiful blue bridge at their back. Like many landmarks in NY, I have been to both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge before but never to that iconic spot (if you actually are from New York you don't hang out in tourist attractions). 

It feels so good to be blogging again, I have felt a bit of guilt and like sadness for having not posted in a while. 2020 is all about being good to me and I am realizing blogging is something that gives me pleasure so I'm going to continue to do it whenever I find the time. 

- Y


Blazer: here
Biggie T-shirt: thifted
Dad Jeans: here
Docs: here

Mood: Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn (obviously) 

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