September 30, 2019

A Week In Outfits: Transcendence

Hi !

Welcome to the last post in my week in outfits series ! I really really enjoyed doing this an sharing all these outfits this past week.  I got sick mid-week this week which is why it's so delayed (but it's still within the same week so it counts !) This time of year is my favorite for fashion !  I sent a photo from this post to my friend and she replied "Transcendence" and that is what I decided to make the title. So thank you Abby for that gem (and if your friends don't gas you up with triple work scores on scrabble, are they really your friends?)

About the outfit: This is my first co-ord and I have to say everything that is said about them is very very very true. I am obsessed with this thing. I said in Monday's post, I wouldn't readily wear blue and orange together, or orange at all really, but these past two summers I have been getting more and more into wearing color. This piece is a leap and I love it !  In addition to selfies, this post also includes photos I took during my going away party at my job. 

One of my recent goals is to find peace and calm within myself. I feel like long term it would be good for me, I have tried meditation in the past and have had some level of success. But moving forward I am going to commit to it. With all the transitions happening in my life right now, leaving one job, starting a new one, moving states, I am trying to keep a rather tight cap on my mental health. I want this new start to be in the healthiest way possible. While going through all of these changes I know I am going to lose my usual methods of self-soothing and coping so I want to look inside myself to find it again. 

I guess this post is a bit of a love note to some of the things I loved while living and working here this past year. Even in my hardest moments, I found peace here and now its time to move on and to find it elsewhere. 

#ThickBraStrapGang #VisibleBraStrap #IStayStrapped 

- Y


Co-ord: top and bottom
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