May 08, 2017

Pink !

Color of the season or color of the season? I was a little hesitant of plunging head 1st into this trend, so I started small. My best friend actually bought me a pink ASOS t-shirt as a ‘please step out of your comfort zone’ birthday present so thanks, Kaila. After wearing it maybe twice I was kinda hooked. So began the hunt for all things blush pink, I wanted shoes, pants, bags, sunglasses, socks anything blush colored I wanted my hands on it. But it turned out all I really needed was one piece to sate my hunger for all things pink.

This blush pink blazer from Junarose via ASOS was the piéce de résistance, the instant I saw it on the website I knew that I had to have it. So I waited and waited till the price went down enough so I wouldn’t feel terrible for buying it. Then I snagged it.
But in my haste to get it before it sold out, I got the wrong size, I went one size up cause it was tailored and when it came it was a very large pink tent. So I sent that one back and got my actual size while crossing my fingers firmly that the arms would fit.

I was back home in Brooklyn and had totally forgotten that I had bought it in the right size so when an ASOS bag showed up at my mom’s house I was surprised. (this happens to me a lot, I forgot what I order or that ordered anything at all)

When I got back to campus I decided to dress it down, by pairing it with my white Huaraches (see my sneakers blog post) and my favorite band tee and some mom jeans. (That’s my fav band and my fav t-shirt) I love the fit of the blazer; the length is perfect and the arms fit just so.

I must say heads were turning as I was walking around campus, it was the 1st day of nice weather after the never-ending long winter/fall. The pink color definitely brightened my day.

Pink Duster 

ASOS Mom Jeans

(Also someone please tell me they got the BBC TV show reference in the title ? Please? Leave a comment if you caught it.)


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