May 17, 2017

Walking the Lines

Stripes !

Was I the only one who wouldn't be caught dead in stripes? It's starting to seem like Spring 2017 is all about 'trends that you might have hated but redone perfectly' One year in elementary school (primary school if you're not from America) my school thought it would be a good idea to make all the skirts striped, like giant black and white horizontal stripes and for a while all the girls looked like they were members of a Tim Burton inspired gang. Luckily the administration saw the error of their ways and went back to solid black and navy.

But now stripes are back and much better than they were in the 4th grade. So I was inspired to just go for it with this outfit. These navy trousers which are essentially sweatpants, from Daisy Street via ASOS. They are super soft and I love where they are cropped at, I paired them with my striped daisy crop top for Forever21. I took the stripes all the down to my high top Vans old skool. The pants end just above the high top of the Vans. And I tossed my beloved ASOS jean jacket over the top, the navy in the pants paired perfectly with the jacket.

My style is usually more tailored, and clean lines and lots of black and grey. This outfit stepped far out of that for me. But I enjoyed it, it was comfortable and it was cute and most of all I loved the way I looked.

I probably like most other plus sized girls was told time and time again that we couldn't wear stripes because they make you look wider, stripes were for thinner girls. I would like to dedicate this outfit to walking on those lines that people drew for us.

Wear stripes
Wear bright colors 
Wear whatever you want 


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