May 01, 2017

The End of vicious cycle of Denim

I love denim I really and truly do, ever since I put on my 1st pair of skinny jeans I have been in a blissful affair. But like many long-term relationships the spark has burned out, I love my jeans but I’m bored of wearing jeans every day with everything, I stopped feeling inspired to get dressed and more and more I was finding myself reaching for my black peg leg ASOS trousers, and my outfits became loads of the same thing. I felt overdressed everywhere I went.
So recently my favorite blogger, Lizzy Hadfield did an entire video and blog post dedicated to wearing things that aren’t denim jeans. That video gave birth to the purchase of these amazing Elvi checkered trousers.

Elvi is a UK plus size fashion retailer, it is rather small and I personally hadn’t heard of it until recently. Elvi has a website of their own but they are also sold on ASOS and Nordstrom.

My order experience on Elvi’s website was interesting, even after switching the website to the US only the currency changed all of the sizings was still in UK sizes so when I order in my normal size everything was about one size too small, it was tight over my hips and butt but normal everywhere else. So, I had to send the pieces I wanted to keep back and exchange them for my UK size which is 20-24.

In my original order, I also got a white and navy striped top and a burgundy top, that will both be featured in later blog posts.

Once the trousers came in the right size I racked my brain for what to pair them with. I decided to pair it with my trusty black loafers. I was stuck on what top, I didn’t want the entire look to be very formal or look like a school uniform, so I went with my sleeveless blazer and my white ‘the end’ rainbow tee from Forever21.

I especially liked the mixing of patterns with the pants and the plaid in my ASOS coat, I also like the contrast between the light grey of my coat and the dark brown in the pants.


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