September 05, 2017

Attempting to Encapsulate My Style

Recently I was tasked with packing up all my worldly possessions and moving them 74 miles to my University. You never really realize how much stuff you accumulate until you try and shove it all in boxes and bags and then shove it all into a car. So after almost yanking most of my hair from stress, I decided to purge my wardrobe. Like most people the sheer number of clothing items I had was overwhelming and I wasn’t wearing close of half of the things I was lugging around with me. 

Everyone has heard of capsule wardrobes, maybe some of your favorite bloggers use them. A few of mine do and I'll link all the information I used to create mine, they explain the concept much better than I ever could. But if you haven’t heard of a capsule wardrobe, it can be defined as guidelines used to create a small cohesive wardrobe season by season, where all the pieces can be mixed and matched together.
   I had first heard the term used years ago, and I remember thinking 'that sounds really hard' But it wasn't. The process of removing things I didn't wear and simply didn't like, changed my mood. Going through my clothing I was feeling better about my style and narrowing the number of items down made me pair things together that I hadn't before.
  Don't worry nothing that was still usable was tossed in the trash all of it went to good places, cause more than anything else I care about the environment. (I want to do a blog post later about Fast Fashion and how it affects our planet. Let me know if you'll be interested in that.) If it wasn't donated my mother is probably wearing at this very moment. 

The goal of my capsule wardrobe was to only take pieces I wear and love back to college with me for my final year. Capsule wardrobes can have any number of limited pieces 25, 32, 46 which includes shoes, tops, bottoms, and outerwear. Each season or every three months, I plan to swap out pieces and do some minimal shopping if needed. For example, when winter comes around I'll put my jean jacket to rest and pull out another coat option.

My current capsule wardrobe includes 40 pieces and broken down it looks like this:
2 coats
1 jean jacket
8 graphic tees
2 hoodies
2 dusters
3 skirts
5 pants
2 formal/workwear pants
3 long sleeves
3 blazers
3 pairs of heels
3 pairs of sneakers
3 pairs of flats

And that is it. That is all I bought to school with me and shoved into my single dorm room and I still have so much space. It was really helped by the fact that when I buy a new basic I tend to buy three colors of them. (see sneaker post and block heel post) I didn't include bags in mine, because I don't really wear bags, I usually have one tote or backpack(or fanny pack this summer) that I shove all my everyday loot into and I just go.
I go to school a little further North and it gets colder quicker up here so I’ll be needed to layer up soon and on my wishlist/shopping list for the coming season:

Doc Marten Chelsea Boot
Grey pinstripe button up 
White button up
Blue pinstripe button up 
Matching blazer and trouser

If you any and recommendations of the pieces above please feel free to leave them in the comments below. 
Good luck to anyone going back to school or starting school ! !

Striped shirt dress: Target (SOLD OUT) 
Nike roshes 
Purple sunglasses: ASOS  (ON SALE NOW)
Fanny pack: Weekday (SOLD OUT) similar here

All images are mine unless stated otherwise. 

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