October 05, 2017

An Overdue Introduction

And a few pictures that didn't make the cut.

I guess I never did an introduction post, just kinda jumped right in. So Hello ! My name is Yarnelle I am a 21-year-old college senior. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, however, I am currently going to school in Connecticut, where I am studying Business. I hope to one day open my own string of homeless shelters and rehabilitation facilitates. I am 6’0 tall and I have no idea what my weight is cause I stopped weighing myself years ago but I wear a US size 18 in clothing and a US shoe size 11.5 in women’s. Both of which a rather hard to find.

Now that we have gotten the boring stuff out of the way let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. I hate peanut butter, and I hate bananas. My favorite color is green. Love broccoli and spinach, (not related) I think kale is a byproduct of the Devil. I am currently attempting to stop eating meat, I haven’t eaten red meat for well over 6 months but when you’re a poor college student sometimes chicken is all you can really afford. 

I’m learning to love my body the way it is and not to abuse it or myself because of what society tells me it should look like. This is probably the biggest work in progress I’m undertaking. It’s hard, but I’m still young (no matter how old I feel inside) and I have time to unlearn all the bad habits I once had.

I LOVE 80’s music, Prince, Micheal Jackson, Phil Collins, Whitney, Tears for Fears, UB40 all that good stuff. My love of all these 80's tends to stop right at the fashion.  I am very into tailoring and clean lines and sometimes even "menswear" most of my wardrobe is made up of grey, black, and denim. I have owned a pair of Doc Martins since I was a high school sophomore and I still love them to this day, but I haven't worn them in forever. I am obsessed with British tv and TV shows in general if you wanna argue over OTPs I am happy to be your debate partner. Not a fan of reality television, I leave that for my mother. 

These pictures didn't make it onto my blog because even though I love these outfits I hate my hair in these photos and if you like me have 4C hair you know that it isn't a bad hair day it more of a day hair week. That's all hope you enjoyed, leave me what your favorite TV show of all time is or what you're obsessing over right now in the comments !


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