March 26, 2018

Style Rules Everything Around Me

Over the course of my life thus far, my style has changed a lot, this is something that I feel is common for most people. Once upon a time, I wore solely what my mother handed me in the morning no matter how much I hated it, then shortly after she let me pick out my own clothes I wore tank tops and cardigans every. single. day. Then it was my brother's oversized t-shirts, black skinny jeans and my beloved black Doc Martens (and that's just high school). Needless to say, my style is very very different now.

Because clothing and style are a way for us to express ourselves to the world around us, that means that the "message" we're trying to get across will change. No one was just born with their style you have to learn and grow into it. There are still many facets of my personal style that I feel will change as I get older but for now here are some of the rules that I tentatively follow, for now.

- Comfort over Everything.

If I put it on and it causes me pain or it itches, It Is Coming Off. Almost all throughout high school, I wore jeans that were so tight they left welts on my body when I took them off. They also probably didn't even look good but the whole day when I couldn't move I kept saying 'beauty is pain' in my head. Not anymore. If I can't do a high kick or a full Pop, Lock it, Drop it in something I not buying it. (Fun fact: I can almost kick over my own head)

- The color Black is a friend, but not your only friend.

There was once a time where I wore almost all black every single day. Like every day. While black looks good on everyone I feel like it is more chic pair with at least one other shade of even texture. These days if I get dressed and I look in the mirror and I don't see any form of contrasting, be it pattern or texture, I'm changing at least one piece. For example, if I'm wearing black trousers and a black t-shirt, and my black loafers. I make sure you add any other color or even just a different texture. So I would throw on my all white Nikes or my pair of checked red Vans, or swap my black tee out for a pink tee or a shirt with a colored graphic or put on my mesh long sleeve top under my black t-shirt. Throw in a texture or color to bring the outfit together.

- F*ck What Other People Think

What the till says. If you put something on and you feel good and you think you look good then f*ck it. As long as what you wear isn't bashing or putting down anyone or actually offending someone then F*ck the rest.

- Don't be Shurd

Stop being afraid to catch eyes. You look good, people are bound to look to you. For Spring 2018, I'm getting well into wearing color, I feel like it makes my skin look ultra brown and glowy and I love that (it has been a long journey to loving the darkness of my skin). I know that the thought of people looking at me still sometimes makes me wanna go home and never leave again but when I know I look good (often) I don't really mind it.

- A Clash of Color

Somewhere my high school Photoshop professor doesn't know if she wants to cry or dance a jig. Clashing colors? Yes, you can do that and look good while doing it. If you ever have a doubt check out Megan Ellaby's blog and drool. She is the Queen of color and pattern clashing. Now we all can't be her, but playing with color can be fun every once in a while. (once in a blue moon in my case) 
There are ways to do it and do it well.

- A Taste for the Trend 

The words "trend" or "trendy" has sort of become a taboo, no one wants to be accused of  "following trends" but if you shop in stores at all then you're going to end up buying trend pieces. There isn't anything wrong with that. Trends exist for a reason, and while some people like to dress head to toe in them others prefer to just pick one or two pieces and try them out. One piece of advice I would give is not to spend loads of money on trend pieces unless you'll wear them year after year it's best you save your coin. I tend to use trends as a way to try new things and see if I like them. To me, most trends are temporary and very few find a permanent home in my wardrobe.

 At the end of the day I believe if you put something on and love how it looks and feels on you, you should just wear it. Especially if you're plus size, there are far too many guidelines about what you shouldn't wear if you are a certain size. Just Do You. Leave your style rules, or rules you don't believe in the comments below.

Outfit Details: 
Ripped Mom Jeans (sold out) Here are two similar pairs.
Navy Mock Neck (sold out) Similar
Nikes Here
Checked coat (sold out) I got this one two years ago, but you can find 200495 now all over the place, here are two. 

Make Me Feel - Janelle Monáe


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  1. Yaaaaaaaas! Comfort is the best fashion Yarnelle! You’re so fabulous always I’m so proud to hang out with you 😍


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