July 11, 2018

My Summer Style Rut

Hello !

I am currently struggling to figure out what my summer style is. (I've probably said this 5 million times already but yeah, still annoyed about it) If you asked me to define my style right now I would probably say "minimal and business casual" I like blazers, and trousers and I also found out that I am obsessed with sneakers. I don't mind the occasional heel and leather jacket. Did you notice how none of what I named is the makings of a summer outfit? I have no idea what to wear once the weather goes above 65 degrees. I have made it my mission to get a general idea of what I would classify as summer styling for me this summer.

All the trends I see or the outfits that pop up on my feeds I'm not super inspired by (I'm still pining Fall outfits on my Pinterest) or I just feel like 'yeah that's cute for them but I'm not sure it's for me.' For the first time it isn't an issue of confidence or thinking that I'm too big to wear certain things, I'm just not feeling any of it.  Tea dresses or mini dresses are everywhere this summer and that's not really my thing, I like to be able to move and short dresses don't allow that, without flashing the entire tri-state area the goods (and the not so goods) I have been on the hunt for a pair of denim shorts but I haven't found a pair that fit the way I want them to in my mind.

I have been itching to create content and I have some ideas for new locations to shoot but I don't have any outfits that are giving me life. I'm in a rut. I'm on ASOS all day every day and I'm not finding anything that I'm loving. (Express, J Crew, and Pretty Little Thing all carry plus size now also) I'm also still having the issue of none of the regular clothes fitting me cause I have recently lost weight.

While having some sort of hormonal/heat-induced breakdown I decided to take a pair of scissors to an old pair of high waisted skinny jeans I had. I was expecting to absolutely hate the outcome but I didn't to the point that I went out and shot the outfit I was wearing with them. (also I finally got a trim so my hair was looking, human, while it was stretched)

I wore this all day and I didn't feel sticky and gross or hot, the weather here has finally broken a little bit but it is by no means cold out. I have always been self-conscious of my legs because like most women I am the proud owner of cellulite. (yeah, it's like a thing) I have reached a point where it is just too hot for me to be bothered. 

I cannot for the life of my worry about what other people are thinking when they look at me when it's 100 degrees outside and 110 inside. There's no way. I just cannot be bothered. I remember being a teenager and covering up from head to toe all summer long and sweating half to death cause I didn't want people to see my knees jiggle. (this is probably why my legs are so much lighter than my face) Nope. Not doing that anymore. I love this outfit, I love the way the shorts look and the length of them. That pink tee is an old gift from my best friend and I still love and wear it all the time. Since cutting these shorts I wear them all the time, I wore them with my BYE slogan tee tucked into the front. Love that outfit too. I couldn't find shorts that I like anywhere and I'm so glad I decided to make my own.

If it jiggles and you see it, *insert Waka okay gif*

How often do you cut your hair? Or how often should you get your haircut?  I should get my trimmed and cleaned up every three months but because I am a terrible person I tend to go like once a year. Who else is a bad natural ? Don't leave me hanging. 

- Y

Top - super old
Jeans - here then DIYed into shorts
Sneakers - here
Sunglasses - here

Mood: Meet Me in The Hallway - Harry Styles

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  1. You look AMAZING keep showing off dem legs girl! And I can’t remeber the last time I got a haircut lmao tis a hard natural life


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