July 09, 2018

Tell Em Boy Bye

Hello again ! !

I mentioned how I’ve been feeling stressed and anxious recently and during one of those times I somehow ended up on ASOS and bought a load of stuff. I attempt now to justify this huge purchase by saying this: as I try and figure out what my Summer Style is I have to try out summer trends, colors and silhouettes and so, I have to do some shopping. Since starting my capsule wardrobe I haven’t shopped nearly as much as I used to, so this was a bit of a one-off.

This is probably the most color you will see me in. This outfit is BRIGHT. Almost loud and very much outside of my comfort zone, but I really really loved it. The top, the earrings and the sunglasses are new pieces but you've seen the earrings and the sunglasses already, seen I cannot seem to stop wearing them. (other posts here and here) 

The shirt is me without being me. The slogan is what drew me to it, it says “BYE” in a zebra print with a pink and orange drop shadow. You cant really read the words from afar, once you get close enough the message is pretty clear.

The top itself has a very boxy shape and is almost a perfect rectangle when you hold it up. Its made of a super soft and thin cotton, perfect for summer and I love the length of the sleeves. Due to its length and boxy shape, it’s kind of hard to tuck into pants but I made it work with these muted pink and white striped, paper-bag waist trousers. These pants are glorified pajamas, they are super soft and breathable which is great cause we are still being battered by this heatwave.

I feel like finding a pair of sunglasses that fit your face is something many people struggle with, I know for a fact I have for years. It seems like such a 1st world problem but half of the purpose of sunglasses are to make you look cool so when you put a pair on and you look like a very UVA and UVB protected pumpkin, it's kinda a drawback.

I finally settled on a circle pair with black lenses and a gold frame and then managed to break them while I was hiking in Virginia over spring break. *sob, tear, cry* so I was once again on the hunt. Over the past year, I haven’t been feeling any of the sunglasses trends.  I’m not a fan of the yellow tinted ones because I actually would like sunglasses to protect my eyes, I wasn’t feeling the tiny sunglasses trend for the same reason I feel like eye protection is the main goal and if the lens only covers 1/4 my retina I don’t think I’m getting that. Also, I have a giant oval head and these little triangle bikini glasses look like my whole face is about to pop outta them.

I love what these glasses bring to this outfit,  just like the sneakers offer a contrast, the glasses tie in the standoffish message of the shirt. All in all, I really loved this outfit, it's definitely something I never saw myself wearing but the day that I wore it I felt good and I looked hella cool. It's been so hot recently I can't make my brain work without feeling like it's gonna melt out of my ears. So I don't wanna think too hard about what I'm wearing I'm still well within the depths of a style rut right now but this was a bit of a refreshing change.

- Y

'BYE' top - here
Pink and white striped pants - sold out similar here and here
Sneakers - here
Metal cat eye sunglasses - here

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  1. I love the subtle ways u incorporated color into this outfit from the zebra print font and the stripes. Also am ALWAYS here for a Beyoncé reference ;)

  2. Thank you ! This outfit was very much outside of my comfort zone mostly because of the color and the print. But I still very much enjoyed it. And what's life without a Beyoncé reference ? ;)

  3. Beautiful!! I want those pantsssss!

  4. Those pants are awesome! I love this look!

    1. Thank you so much, they are also super comfortable !


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