June 06, 2020

The Braless Wonder !

Hello !

I feel like before I dive into this post I should mention the new look my blog has and the new web address ! Yes, this is like longgggg overdue and took me fucking forever to get done. Listen I knew going into to the redo, was going to take some time but damn. But it is done now and I love how it looks and hopefully, I won't have to touch it again for a long long while. So I guess welcome to www.alwayswelldressed.com ! I still have a few things I wanna do here, I want to make some video content and I haven't figured out how exactly to do that yet, if you know please help a girl out but I am excited about how far my baby has come.

I am back again with another outfit ! (Please enjoy pictures of me on my roof again and the lovingly placed shadow of my tripod)  Let's just jump right in, listen yall... I hate bras. In my opinion, they ugly and oppressive and I don't like them. Now if I do not wish to give myself and those around me black eyes while walking, going down stairs, or turn around quickly, I wear them. Once your breast goes past a certain size (mine are so far above that size it looks like a little baby grain of sand) all the bras look like they have already been used while breastfeeding 12 generations of children. While living underground. In a bomb shelter. In 1934. No, it's just a no from me. 

I have never put on a bra and been like ooo yes much chic. Nothing makes me happier in a day than taking my bra off and throwing it as far away from me as I possibly can (it does sometimes make getting dressed in the morning hard, I have been known to run around my room like 'where the fuck is my bra?).

My relationship with my breast much like my relationship with my body is long and hard. Having large breasts at around 12 years old bought an amount of attention I didn't want at all. People looked, people commented, boys at school asked if they could touch me, I was catcalled in the streets. My body aged me, I looked much older than I was and I didn't like that. I didn't like attention from grown men (although I don't think them knowing my actual age would have changed anything.) My breast and my body made me wish I was invisible. 

I realize now that instead of turning the anger and discomfort I felt on those who deserve it, I turned that shit on myself and my body, it was the only thing I had control over. I couldn't change how people looked at me or what they said, but I could 'change' my body. This was the start of what is a very hard and painful journey. I now know that my body isn't what needs changing or fixing, its the way people view women's bodies, the pressure and stigma surrounding our bodies that need to change (I say women's cause I am talking about me but literally everyone's bodies are what this applies to. Society needs to stop policing us and let us live). 

I still wear bras, because I know something that the world pretends it doesn't know...... natural breasts aren't 'perky'. Large breasts don't sit underneath your fucking chin bro. That's not a thing.  Just like when I was twelve I don't like people staring at me. Hateeeee it. Not a fan, and just like when I was twelve my breasts draw attention, whether I am wearing a bra or not (if I am being quite honest, I've never actually gone outside without a bra on).  I blog because I can dictate exactly how I am seen, how much, and how often. All of that is under my control here, and I feel like a bit of me taking back my body is that I will also be seen here without a god awful bra on. So do expect more braless outfits, they comin'.

So the look, I am obsessed with this outfit. OBSESSED. I recently made an ASOS order (another quarantine-purchase) when I moved back home I did another wardrobe clear out, mostly of items that were too big for me anymore, and in that clear out, I got rid of a lot of pants. I saw these white trousers on ASOS and I think I teared up a little bit at how beautiful they were. You will be seeing them again and again over the summer. They are a cotton and linen mix, so they are super breathable and light and have subtle dashed piping on them, I got them in a size 18 and the length was perfect but the waist was way too big, so I cried a bit and sent them back and went down to a size 16, which fits on the waist but the length is just s smidge too short ! I just can't win.

I paired them with this oversized black embroidered BERLIN tee. It's super soft and cozy and the embroidering doesn't itch at all which was a concern given that I was wearing it braless, but it was fine. I went down I size hoping it would come up a bit cropped but it didn't because this top is huge. I love the longer length of the sleeves and it has actually been hard to stop wearing this top.

This outfit would have looked absolutely amazing with the sandals, I mentioned purchasing in my last post (the ones I literally never thought I would own). But I made do with my trusty pair of New Balance, and feel like the whole look plus the sunnies gives me a lot of 'Daddy' energy. Which I dig. It was super hot the day I wore this and I felt perfectly fine up on the roof in it.  I would wear this outfit to brunch or to work if I worked in an office of some sort, I would toss on a denim jacket if it got a little bit chilly at night. I love this look so much and will definitely be wearing it again.

Again I end this post with no outfit details just ways to help those on the frontlines in the fight for what is just 
<3 Black Lives Will Always Matter <3

x Y 
Stay safe

A super super-comprehensive list of ways to get involved: here 

More links: here

FreeThemAll2020 bail fund (bail funds are incredibly important during these times, folx who are arrested at protests don't have access to PPE while in lock-up): here

This is a link of bail funds by state and city: here

Don't know which bail fun to donate to? No problem, this will split your donation between a bunch of them: here

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