June 24, 2020

Who Tryna Take Me Out ?

Hello !

I am working on some new content for my blog, so I am in the middle of trying to learn how to shot and edit video (Pray for your girl, please. Y'all remember how long it took me to redo my blog ??? Yall remember the tears????? Why do I do these things to myself?????) Even though it is hard and most of the time I am lost, I am excited for all the new ways I can share with you all, so stay tuned for that (also if you have Literally ANY tips please send them my way, Imma need all the help I can get).

Anyway, I am back with another post ! I struggle to put into words just how fucking much I love this outfit. It's just amazing ! This is continuing my series of wearing bathing suits as tops and loving it. 
This outfit checks a lot of boxes for me, it's tailored, it's braless, it's mad comfortable. But on the other hand, I don't really ever wear white let alone this much white. Putting this together was a lot of fun and I felt absolutely amazing while wearing it. This is the same swimsuit from my last post and this time I took the straps down and wore it more like an off the shoulder top.

I've never bought an off the shoulder top before cause they just don't work for me. I love the look on other people, collarbones are sexy AF (my best friend, Kaila made a blog post all about them. check it out !!!) and the whole look is usually super sweet and soft. This outfit works for me for so many reasons because the top is a bathing suit and not just a top it is meant to be snug so I didn't spend all day pulling it around to keep it up and more importantly, doesn't come untucked ! I love tucking my tops in, it gives me my waist back and provides shape and dimension to my outfits. So nothing pisses me off more about a top than when it won't stay tucked in. I thought bodysuits would solve this problem, but if you aren't a Brandy Melville one size fits all then you know when you put on a bodysuit it's likes like getting dressed and more like wrestling with a snake as it and all of it's ancestors try to climb further and further into your buttcrack and split your body in half.

And that's not my idea of a good time. But with a swimsuit, it's goal is not to bisect you, it just stays where you put in. I appreciate that level of respect.

I love everything about this outfit and I feel like, if the world existed and I was allowed outside and allowed to feel joy, I would wear this to brunch or to a picnic with my friends.  This look definitely falls under things I would wear on a date, I felt super sexy and polished in it. All in all, this is a grand slam of outfits for me, it's been a while since I've put together an outfit that I have been this enamored with. In quarantine times, putting together outfits to wear once we are allowed to go back outside safely is what keeps me going and hopeful, fingers crossed I'll never be like 'i dOnT kNoW wHaT tO wEaR' ever again ( but knowing myself I probably will).

x Y 
Stay safe

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FreeThemAll2020 bail fund (bail funds are incredibly important during these times, folx who are arrested at protests don't have access to PPE while in lock-up): here

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  1. Might just have to start wearing my fav one piece as a top now. I too appreciate a good swimsuit that doesn't rise up in ones arse


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