June 09, 2020

What Have You Been Up To?

Hello !

As promised another braless outfit ! I wanted a write a bit of a lighter post about the little random things that I have been doing while in lockdown. My dress, straw bag, and necklace are all from ASOS. You can hit me up for the links if you are interested. I don't usually wear dresses, and even when I do it is rarely a short dress with thin, tiny baby straps. However, I loved this look oh so much. Scars out and all.

 Fun Fact ! My mother loves to see me in super feminine clothes. She herself dresses more traditionally feminine and likes her a long dress or long skirt and likes to be covered up. I put on a dress or a skirt and she gets all heart-eyed, I put this one on and she was like 'OH this is perfect, the length, everything is perf- wait, what bra are you going to wear with it?'


I am currently teaching myself how to play guitar ! I have literally for years wanted to play guitar and I haven't had the time and was never able to find an instructor. But now given the fact that I am home all the time, I have dedicated myself to practicing for at least an hour every day. Its been absolutely amazing ! (not my playing, I still can't strum and I mess up a lot) Something about the instrument vibrating against my body I swear is healing my mental health. I feel better while playing, I feel better the more and more I learn, it's honestly crazy. 


Listen yall I have gotten into Kdramas. Shhh listen ! They are mad good. Like really good. You have seen the memes, and the ones that look just like awful Soap Operas (which I also have a habit of getting sucked into no matter how terrible the acting and ridiculous the storylines) but some of them are like so good. 

So far I have lost my life to Kingdom on Netflix; it's a 16th-century dynastic Korean zombie apocalypse series. I would give I light warning for a virus spreading and people dying and all the panic and craziness that comes with it. It's a period piece and now more than ever I need to watch something as far removed from my reality as I can get. There are kings, and queens and princes and shit, and all the drama that comes with a royal upper class, the costumes are phenomenal and the setting is BEAUT, I loved Kingdom.  I have already gotten two of my best friends hooked on Kingdom, I ate the two seasons in like two days and then was desolate, no regrets though. 

Then I devoured Hyena on Netflix which was also amazing and hilarious and heartwarming. Hyena is about two rival lawyers who have a bit of a past, this shit is full of plot twists and hijinks, and it's amazing. I would trigger warning for domestic violence, drug use, and child abuse. If you love banter, lawyer jargon, and seeing women both mentally and physically intimidate and one-up dusty men, you are gonna love Hyena. I now have a super long list of recommendations to get through, and I can not wait to sink my teeth in. 


Online skill courses ! I am currently in the middle of taking a self-portrait photography class online. Given that everyone is stuck at home for their safety right now, there are a ton of online learning recourses. It seems like learning a skill is the new theme of this quarantine and I am truly enjoying it. I don't have any training in terms of camera mechanics or lighting, and especially not editing, but beautiful photography is something I love and want to know more and more about. So far the course has been super fun and I've learned a bunch. What other skills should I learn online? Should I take a cooking course in a cuisine I've never made before? A course on sewing?  Leave me some comments and let me know.


Reading ! Anyone who knows me, knows my nose is always buried in my phone; reading. I didn't buy or own a lot of physical books cause those take up space and I moved around a lot. Now,  however, I am back in NY I'm buying books like they bout to stop printing them. My TBR (to be read) is stacking up and I am looking forward to running through those books like water. I am shopping as local as I can given the pandemic, and it's honestly kinda fun tryna find the best deal at my local bookstore's website. Right now, I am focusing and reading Hella Black™ and Hella Gay™ cause we all know those are the best things on the planet. But please feel free to leave me any and all your book reccs ! 


Being patient and kind to myself. Yo, I don't know if you know this, but things are fucking crazy right now. Being hard on ourselves for being 'lazy' or 'unproductive' or for doing nothing all day is capitalist bullshit. The definition of those words doesn't apply during a Global Pandemic and in the ever-continuing mist of racial revolution. My mental health is always my number one priority. Like I come before anything else and a part of that is fighting the thoughts that say I should being x or I shouldn't do y. It is already hard being a black woman, I'm not about to make my life any harder by pressuring myself to pretend like shit is normal right now. There is this expectation for us to bear loads that are unthinkable. For me to be forever strong. Um no, Fuck That. If the world won't give me grace to heal, Imma have to take it for myself. 

x Y 
Stay safe

A super super comprehensive list of ways to get involved: here 

More links: here

FreeThemAll2020 bail fund (bail funds are incredibly important during these times, folx who are arrested at protests don't have access to PPE while in lock-up): here

This is a link of bail funds by state and city: here

Don't know which bail fun to donate to? No problem, this will split your donation between a bunch of them: here


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  1. I've been learning how to play the ukulele and it took me a year to learn how to strum lmaooo so don't give up. I think you're doing amazing! Def try the cuisine course!


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