September 25, 2019

A Week in Outfits: Feeling It

Hello !

Day Three ! Let's hear it for Day Three ! I am on a pretty good wave of content and I am feeling super good about it. I am really loving going through all the selfies I take on any given day and finding the ones I really really like to share with you all. I rarely ever post selfies on social media, although I do take a bunch I mostly keep them for myself (or to randomly send to my mother).

Have you ever planned an outfit in your head, then tried it on and hated it? This is the opposite of that. This outfit is one that I didn't know I would love until I put it on. Most of the time when I am planning outfits, I have a vibe or a theme in mind. I think of where I am going or what I am feeling or what I would like to feel if it isn't the best of days, then I lean in those directions in my wardrobe. The thought process behind this outfit was; I knew these pants were SUPER comfortable, and I knew I would be out for a while and sitting down. I had woken up in need of a bit of a boost so I decided I wanted to wear something bright, and I knew would be hopping on the train and although it is September the AC is still blasting and I would probably get cold. 

This outfit was born out of the need for all of that. While trying stuff on and I loved how the sandals and the trousers paired with the tank top. I love how rich and dark the orange makes my skin look. I thought the combo of the blue denim and the orange would throw me off (I am not one to pair colors like that)  but I was instead obsessed with it. I loved this outfit so much I've worn it quite a few times again, with white low top sneakers on days when I've had tons of walking to do around the city. While I am not one to preach 'you won't know until you try it' (I am a pessimist masked as a realist) I am glad I tried this outfit on even when I thought it wouldn't work. 

Did you enjoy how dusty my mirror was in these selfies, gave it that real authentic feel? I tried cleaning it and it just didn't work, so such is life. Tell me what color combos you find yourself loving right now. I don't think I'll ever be a green and red type of gal but who knows at this point, I've worn orange more times than I ever thought I would ! 

- Y


Tank top: here
Trousers: here and similar here 
Jacket: similar here
Sandals: sold out similar here and here
Bucket bag: here and similar here

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