September 23, 2019

A Week In Outfits: a selfie addition

Hello !!

I am back and I will be posting a blog post every day this week ! (this isn't out of guilt from being away for so long, nope not at all.) I am also trying something a bit new and different for me. When I get dressed I usually take a mirror selfie before I head out to wherever I am going. It's how I hype myself out for going out. Whether it's the post office or a bar, when I feel good I carry that confidence into the world with me.  The posts this week (Monday- Friday) will incorporate those photos. This is a tiny sneak peek into what my camera roll looks like. ;) You should feel special. (not really, ain't nothing risque on my phone anyway)  So here we go ! !

We'll start with a very transitional and comfortable black on black outfit. Over the past few weeks, I have come to realize that this is my favorite time of year. That summer into fall transitional period. It makes for some of my favorite dressing. I love being able to go outside in a sweater and some sandals and be perfectly dressed for the weather.  Over the next week, these outfits will be soooo different but I love every single one of them and wear them again and again. 

This first outfit I love cause I can wear it super dressed down, with some sneakers and a jean jacket or dressed up; as it is seen here with these snake print block heel sandals and maybe grab a croc print bag for a night out. I love this outfit cause it's black on black and even though I am wearing a bodysuit the whole outfit is still SUPER comfortable. That is all down to these amazing wide-leg pants.

Over the past year, I have realized that I am obsessed with wide-leg pants and culottes. I'm really tall and the bottom half of my body isn't as wide as the top, wide-leg pants give me that balanced look and they really show off the length of my legs. These black tie-waist ones from River Island were the start of knowing that. I bought them back in January for my trip to London and have worn then a ton since. I love the silhouette these pants give and the way they flow while I walk gives me life. I feel like a Major Bawse when I wear these. And super comfy at the same time. 

Lemme know your thoughts on the selfie additions. And also try and describe your go-to mirror selfie pose. I am really excited to be back writing and shooting again I have missed it dearly.


Outfit details: 

T-shirt bodysuit: sold out 
Wide leg pants: here and similar here 
Snake print sandals: here

Mood: Call My Name - Prince 


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