September 24, 2019

A Week In Outfits: Changes

Hello hello !

I am back with another outfit post, as promised. (still absolutely no guilt about not being around for months, seriously none at all) More and more recently I've been using outfit styling as a form of self-care. I really really love fashion and I enjoy getting dressed each day.

I have worn some variation of this outfit at least 4 different times. This dress is a bathing suit cover-up, my favorite items in my wardrobe are the items that I can wear multiple ways. I have worn it as a dress, I have worn it as a cardigan, I have worn it as a shirt and I have worn it as a skirt with a sweater over the top. Tons of use out of one item, that's one of the major things I love about my capsule wardrobe.  Here I am wearing it with a pair of blue wash mom jeans and my snake print block heels.

I love the look of jeans and a dress together, one of the key things to remember when wearing dresses with jeans or pants is the length of the dress. You want to get a dress that isn't so long that you'll be stepping on it going up the stairs or when walking, you also want your pants to be visible under the dress. 
Because this outfit is super light-colored it really works for this transitional period we are in right now. It's dragging a bit of summer into fall. It's light and airy and can be taken right into eveningwear, I would probably just change my eye makeup if I was going out later.  It's still super casual and relaxed but I feel super confident when I wear it.

 This outfit is perfect for me now cause I find myself in a super transitional period in my life. I am moving back home to Brooklyn after living in Connecticut for about 5 years. I don't really have words for how I am feeling about this move but more than anything I feel like it's the right thing for me. 
I've learned a lot about myself in the time I have lived here, fell more and more in love with myself each day but I have also had some of my hardest times in the past 5 years. It feels like a good time to start again and recalibrate. I need to be reminded of why I do what I do. 

This move is going to be a growing edge that I am going to have to toss myself onto. Forget leaning. I'm going to be working at a new place, meeting new people and getting used to living in New York again. I will be tested and tried and everything I have learned about myself will be put through the wringer. I know this. I am preparing for victories and abundance and Ls. I'm open to taking them all. 

I look forward to taking you all with me on the new journey. I have missed Brooklyn with all of my heart and I know home probably doesn't look like I left it (that's a whole L in and of itself) but I intend to embrace it with all of me.  I hoping my capsule wardrobe has prepared me for the feat of packing all my crap again and moving it back the way I came. (cross your fingers and pray for your girl!)

Please leave me your moving and packing tips. Like how does one move with a bunch of plant babies, asking for a friend????? I am looking forward to my new job and living in the greatest city on Earth again. 
- Y

Outfit details:

Shirtdress: old similar herehere and here
Mom jeans: here
Snake print sandals: here
Bucket bag: here and similar here
Sunglasses: super duper old similar here and here 

Mood: Against The Wind - Victory

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