September 28, 2019

A Week in Outfits: Prima

Hello !

Welcome to the 4th post in my Week In Outfits series ! 
We are almost at the finish line and I will have to say I enjoyed sharing a post every day with you all. Life is getting a bit crazier because I am prepping to move again soon, but it has been great to take breaks and just write for a while. This one will be a quick one (I am currently suffering from terrible period cramps and I waiting for the sweet embrace of death) but I hope you enjoy ! 

Much like wide-leg trousers, I have become a bit of a midi skirt fan. Because I am about 6' tall I have struggled to find skirts that don't graze the tops of my thighs or make me look like I have joined a nunnery. It's usually literally all or nothing out here. I got this midi skirt for my trip to DC and Baltimore back in March (this is the skirt that I was wearing when I met Hozier ! ! ! !) and have gotten a ton of wear out of it over the summer. 

I am a big maxi dress fan because of the length, range of motion and coverage they provide but I also feel super Momish in them. Midi-skirts give me the all of that without making me look like I am picking the kids in the minivan from summer camp. The skirt is long for me to be able to sit in without worry, while also not dragging on the ground while I walk. The length also lends it to being worn with sneakers and also loafers, as it doenst cut my leg off at a strange point. In the really bad heights of summer, I could catch a breeze without flashing all of the tri-state area da guds.
All in all the perfect piece. Here I have tossed a cardigan over my shoulders and paired it with a tiny tank top and some slides. 

I have plans for the weekend so please pray that my body starts being nicer to me ! 

- Y

Outfit details: 

Tank top:

Mood: Pennies from Heaven - Louis Prima 


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